The Massojet Under Body Spray Arm is an easy to use and effective cleaner that is safe to use on 4WD’s, cars, vans, trucks, boats, caravans, trailers, jet skis, motorbikes and lots of places around the home.


Available in both 600mm and 900mm lengths, the Massojet is compact enough to throw in the boot while away camping or caravanning in places where low pressures exist.


Also joining the range is an updated Air/Water Gun Mk2 which includes 2 detachable spray arms; a 450mm directional spray, and a 600mm curved access arm. Use the Air /Water Gun Mk2 with an existing water hose and presto! a one handed high pressure cleaner. It is also ideal to use with water tanks or where low water pressure exists.

We recommend you use the 4WD Wash Buster50 Salt Neutralizer in 1litre, 4 litre & 10 litre containers with your Massojet. The 4WD Wash is an exclusive salt neutralising formula to remove the corrosive salt by deactivating, dissolving and lifting the salt deposits on any surface. 

4WD Wash Buster50 will leave a dry non oily coating whilst the dual metal protection formula protects metal surfaces from further corrosion. 

4WD Wash Buster50 is biodegradable, non toxic and can be used with confidence on all surfaces affected by salt build up and corrosion