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The Brown Davis long range and auxiliary fuel tank range is an engineered solution enabling to travel further with less fuel stops. They are designed to give maximum fuel capacity without affecting ground clearance and ramp over/departure angle, whilst being exceptionally strong against the most rigorous of conditions.

All Brown Davis long range and auxiliary fuel tanks are constructed from high grade 2mm 14 gauge – Aluminum coated cold rolled steel, to ensure maximum strength and durability. This gauge of steel is sufficiently resistant to damage by impact, and therefore additional tank guards are not necessary (most standard tanks are less than 2mm in material thickness). This material is specifically imported by Brown Davis based on critical specifications. Unlike aluminum, steel is not prone to fatigue from vibration and twisting as seen in off road conditions. This fatigue resistance far outweighs any weight advantage aluminum may offer. However, the aluminum coating on the specific steel used by Brown Davis, offer’s the strength of steel with the anti corrosion properties of aluminum.